Compliance 1010 Awards

C- Mission

What is C-Mission?
C-Mission stands for Compliance Mission. It is an initiative by Legasis to create an environment of compliance to adopt an effective and a sustainable compliance program. What Legasis aims, is to create not only a system of compliance but also a harmonious environment of work culture which is embedded in the corporate work ethic. Besides incorporating global benchmarks, C-Mission empowers our clients to achieve the status of complete compliance, assists each of the users to ensure that they emerge as a catalyst in implementing an effective compliance program and on an ongoing basis.

The C-Commandments is our statement of compliance and ethical principles guiding our daily operations and establishing the expectations of the management, employees, and agents of the company. C-Commandments outline the philosophy adopted by us which we have introduced in our day-to-day activities.

C-Mission Pledge
Every person in an organization, pledge to themselves of total compliance at all levels. The pledge further resolves that in discharging the day to day work, the users pro-actively ensure compliance of tasks with pride and respect.