Compliance Professional Exchange (CPx)
Good Corporate Governance and Ethics are the foundation stones on which rest the edifice of sustainable growth and evolution of a company. And central to ethical governance is the full and complete compliance to the laws of the land. The Companies Act, 2013, has mandated setting up of compliance systems. The SEBI Insider Trading Regulations defines and mandates the role of a 'Compliance Officer'.

In such a regulatory environment, there is, no doubt, a great demand of Compliance Professionals, that is bound to increase in times to come.

To address this shortfall, in a unique initiative, Steinbach & Partner and Legasis Services Private Ltd. entered into a joint venture and launched the Compliance Professional Exchange (CPx), a job portal, to help Companies recruit Compliance Professionals as also to facilitate Compliance Professionals to secure employment.

The CPx, was launched on October 3, 2016 under the aegis of Compliance 1010, an unique Legasis initiative to foster a culture of compliance across businesses in India and abroad.

About Steinbach & Partner (S&P) ( A global & multi locational executive search firm, which figures in the top 15 retained executive search Company in the world, S & P specializes in hiring C-Suite, Board Level and Senior Management positions. With a combined experience of more than 30 years in executive search, S & P India's team cuts across sectors, functions and geographies. S & P India has offices in Mumbai and Pune that handle Clients across India.

About Legasis Services Private Ltd : The term Legasis stands for Legal Systems and Integrated Solutions. It is supported by Legasis Partners, an Indian multi-practice law firm. Founded in 2006, Legasis is a pioneer and specialist Legal Support Services Company that provides unique IT-enabled knowledge-based and fully customisable compliance management solutions. Legasis has a team of over 100 dedicated Legal and enforcement experts operating from Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad and New Delhi, serving over 600 clients across 32 countries.

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